I am the Richest Person is an online application where the rich can flaunt their wealth by bidding in their local area to become the Richest Person! The idea is simple but there is a lot of power behind the hood that runs this web application and site

I am the Richest Person Web Application

Below are two huge projects based on the Google Maps API. The First client was looking for an online portal where users could search and view details on the closest bars located in their area. The Beakun website used the Google Maps API to interact with the user’s current location and allow multipath data transfer between the website and Googles servers. http://www.beakun.com/ The second website is also based on the Google Maps API but is based on a much more complex structure. The client needed a website where each individual City was outlined using Polygon Geometry (GeoJSON) and this information is used to calculate, based on the user’s location the ability for that user to place bids. Users are able to place bids in locations they have visited or live in, therefore user location accuracy was very important when building this website. There are a lot of complex calculations taking place in the background, and the front end result is this beautifully placed map of United State Cities.


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